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SPOTIFY Premium Apk Latest 8.4 for Free

What is Spotify?

Spotify Premium Apk Spotify nowadays, is one of the most popular music streaming platform around the world. They cover all the range of musicians and singer for the music loving fans. It can also be entitled as a music streaming radio over the internet. It has turned out to be a great app for streaming of music due to its variety of artists range. Spotify app got functional on 7th October, 2008. It was developed by a Swedish software company Spotify Technologies which named this app after their software house name. This app is available in almost 78 regions of the world till now. Most parts of the Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, and New Zealand come under the coverage area for this app.  The most prominent feature about the app is that it pays royalties to specific artists through their record labels depending on how many times a specific song has been played. Initially the app was run on peer to peer basis just like a torrent, but in 2014 due to shifts of paradigm it followed a client to server model.

What Is Spotify Premium APK 2018?

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As already discussed, Spotify official application is not supported in many countries due to its range issues. So, spotify premium apk removes all the barriers from the app and lets you listen to free music 24/7. It gives you free access to millions of music playlists and songs, with options to create your own lists. 

In short, almost every feature with restrictions can be unlocked with the use of Spotify premium apk. This premium application is available for all the devices. It will make you eligible to make your own playlists, post it on social media, or share it with family or friends. The main feature of spotify premium apk 2018 is to give access to millions of songs, artists, and playlists would be functional completely once you start using the premium app.

Availability of Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify is compatible with almost all the latest gadgets which includes Windows for PC or laptops, Mac OS for Apple, and Linux for linux based computers. It also is available for android smartphone users as well as ios (Apple-Iphone) and Windows based phones. Tablets, gaming consoles including PS3, PS4, Xbox One, built in TV software music players all are compatible with Spotify. Music can be browsed through choosing the options which consist of artist name, album name, music genre, playlist, or the artist’s record label respectively.

Spotify APK

Subscribers can make and share their own playlists including the selected tracks on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and to social web sites. Spotify has a collection of more than 42 million songs. As stats suggest by November 2018, it had more than 192 million monthly users which includes 89 million paid subscribers.

Download File Information:

TOTAL INSTALLS  140,000,980+

Spotify Premium Apk Royalty Package

Spotify has framed a great formula to pay artists royalties based on the number of streams of their songs with respect to the total number of songs streamed proportionately. They don’t pay the fixed price per song played or don’t go with the number of downloads a song gets. 

It pays off almost 75 % of the total revenue to different record labels or artist management companies which pays to the artists in accordance with their individual contracts. Spotify has been under great criticism when industry’s giants like Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke accused them of not paying good enough compensation against the songs to the artists. In 2017, Spotify came up with a promotion that artists who come under the umbrella of record labels Universal music or Merlin Network will have an option to make a dedicated exclusive album for the premium service temporarily.

On 28th of Feburary, 2018 Spotify officially launched a listing for its shares on the New York Stock Market. On 3rd April, 2018 trade of spotify’s shares officially started.

Subscription Plan For Spotify:

By the end on November 2018, following are the types of subscriptions available for spotify premium apk service for all the users on web, tablets, or mobile,

Type Free Premium Family
Ad Free No Yes Yes
Mobile Listening Limited Yes Yes
Enhanced sound quality No Yes Yes
Listen Offline No Yes Yes
Spotify Connect Limited Yes Yes

In March 2014, Spotify launched a new plan for subscription for the active students with a lot of discounted packages. It meant that students in the US will have to pay half of the subscription fee to enjoy full fledge features of the premium service. This offer hit 34 more countries by the April of 2017.

Spotify launched an offer for Family subscription which can connect up to five family members for a shared premium subscription plan. Spotify Family upgraded their offer in 2016, adding one more member to the family subscription in May, 2016. Also, they reduced the prices of the subscription.

Spotify APK
Spotify APKSpotify APK

In the calendar year 2018, primarily in November, Spotify launched a service for its free account holders with the name of Spotify Connect.  Latest SDK support was still mandatory for the changes to take place for full functionality for Spotify Connect speakers.

Features Of Spotify Premium APK:

As discussed previously, there are a great number of features which are available in the latest version of free Spotify Premium Apk mod 8.44. So, you can access almost all the premium functions free of cost on the official Spotify app. Some main features consist of unlocked shuffling and seeking, unlocking of track selection and many more.       

Following are some fundamental features of the latest version of the Spotify premium apk 2018:

spotify premium apk 2018

User-Friendly Interface

Millions of users use this app daily. Due to its huge following, the Spotify development teams have made the application interface so user friendly that everybody would be fascinated using the app. Many shortcuts and tabs would be among the options for user to save, share or even multi-task at times. 

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Unlimited Downloading

It offers an option to the users to download multiple files at a time through premium edition. It is one of a rare features offered by spotify premium apk unlike other music streaming platforms. Feature of making playlists and sharing them along with the songs is a signature feature offered by the Spotify app development team to the users.

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Unlocks Shuffling, Seeking, Repeating

Yes, it is right. Now the premium version of Spotify offers you an option to shuffle, seek, or repeat. Now shuffling of songs and repetition of songs has become quite functional due to spotify premium apk.

spotify apk premium

No Adverstisments

Spotify premium offers ad free front end not like other premium apps which run ads and make use of the app quite terrible. Repetition of ad clicks and ad consumption really gets on the nerves of the users. Therefore, team Spotify have developed an ad free feature for the spotify premium apk.

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Premium Sound Quality

The control on the quality of the sound is another remarkable feature of the Spotify Premium Apk. While listening to songs, users can adjust the sound qualities. Users can opt anyone out of Extreme, Normal, and High. Extreme quality is the ultra-premium quality in which music can be played at 320Kbps. 

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Save Some Storage

One of the main factors of the use of Spotify or other music streaming platforms is to save some space saved, which will be consumed in case the users carry those songs in their phone’s memory. Internet is mandatory to run these services. By saving music files on these apps, your phone’s internal storage is free to be consumed. Thus, you can manage your phone’s storage memory in a much better way.

So, these are a few functionalities explained which Spotify premium apk has, which have also been discussed above. You can also explore a lot of other features once you start using the app.

How you can download Spotify Premium APK for free?

You have entered the download area, where users can download the Spotify apk premium for free on android gadgets. Link has recently been updated, and in case the link does not work, do let us know through your feedback in the comment box at the end of the post. We will make sure the spotify premium apk no root link is fixed within a few minutes to your complaint.

Latest version of Spotify Premium APK For Free

For the ones, who are interested in buying the original spotify premium subscription plans, can go through the official website of spotify by clicking here. Moreover, they can also go through this page to be aware of the plans offered by spotify to the subscribers.

Spotify APK

Apk File given above is totally free. If you want to upgrade your app to the premium version, you need to spend some bucks to get it updated. Anyhow, we have written down the modded, latest, and upgraded editions of the Spotify apk premium no root of the musicSpotify premium apk streaming app to save you a few dollars.

How to fix spotify not available in your country issue?

As everyone knows that Spotify Premium Apk is only available in a few countries/ regions around the globe. It includes US, UK, Canada, Australia, and a few more countries. So, if you are from Pakistan, India or any other region where Spotify Premium Apk is unavailable, there’s a need of a proxy virtual private network app. With the use of a VPN, spotify can easily be used by changing your location.

Here are the steps you need to follow to download Hola VPN. It is free of cost, user friendly and easily available at the Google’s play store on android devices. 

•          Firstly, download the app Hola VPN Apk on your android device through Google Play Store. Once downloaded let your device complete the installation. To download it directly, click here on the given link.

•          Now open the installed Hola VPN app on your smartphone. You will have this demonstration of your screen which is given below.  Now you have to click ‘I Got it’ over here.

•          Next step is to tap on the Hola VPN Settings. Choose your desired location where Spotify works with ease. It is better for you to choose UK, Australia, or America to use Spotify freely.

•          Select the country, and after that tap on the “spotify” on the Hola VPN app. You can use the app without any inconvenience.

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can Fix Spotify Not Available In Your Country error while using Spotify on your Android. If you are facing some other issues, then make sure to discuss with us in the comments.

Important FAQ’S:

Following are a few questions, and their answers which will help you once you understand the installation mechanism of spotify premium offline apk. So, if any doubts are still there for spotify premium apk no root, kindly check out the solution written below to have a strong grip on the application.

          Different Modes of Connectivity for Spotify?

Spotify is a very famous app nowadays due to its popularity. It can function on any connection like 3G, 4G, WiFi, WiMax, and modem etc. However the recommended speed for this app is atleast 384.44 Kb/s for uninterrupted streaming. For best practices, the standard speed recommended is 512Kb/s.

•          Will Spotify delete or remove my playlist?

Well, no way. Once a playlist in Spotify is created it will remain saved in the app. Your songs will be ready every time you open the playlist area of the app. So, there’s nothing to worry about the playlists that have already been created by the users.

•          Is the Application available in Premium Version?

Well, this is primarily a mod version, and is free of cost since then. It functions the same way as the official premium app. If you don’t have budget constraints, you should always buy the premium subscription to support the team of app developers. .

•          Is the App illegal or legal?

Well, yes this app is legal. It has all the documents and is transparent in terms of payment transactions. Right holders (Record labels/artists) of every song get paid for every song that is played by the subscribers.

•          How to change or reset your password in Spotify app?

In case, you have lost or forgot your password, there is an option where you can always change or reset the password. You just need to click on the given link and provide details including email and user id to change your account password.

          Can this app be run on Android gadgets?

As already discussed, this app is compatible to run with every smartphone with android version. Moreover, the new updates in the android version will improve functionality to enhance music listening and higher quality audio experience.

Spotify premium apk latest 2018 is actually a duplicate version of the actual app which is providing all the features of the official app free of cost. If you have budget constraints, then this is the perfect file for you to get. On the contrary, there are many areas where Spotify premium apk is not compatible, so people need to use proxy VPN’s for the usage. I hope you enjoyed the informative article and I hope you and your friends will make full use of it. Also, for more updates and tricks about different softwares, do bookmark our website especially for the revised and latest versions of Spotify premium apk.

Spotify APK
Spotify APK

Spotify apk premium download is not only confined to operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS, but also is compatible and available for Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones and tablets. Spotify Connect is its signature proprietary protocol which allows users access to a wide range of gadgets compatible with the app to listen to songs. 

Android / 23 November 2018
Android Wear / 23 November 2018
iOS 8.4.79 / 13 November 2018
Windows 10 (Microsoft Store) / 28 November 2018
macOS / 6 August 2018
Linux / 25 October 2018
WRITTEN IN Primarily Python, with some Java, C, and C++components
Operating System Android, IOS, Windows, Linux

How to Install Spotify Premium APK on Android?

The installation method for spotify premium free apk that we are explaining it to you below is very easy. If you have an android smartphone, you need to follow simple guidelines. To avoid any mistake, you must read and follow all the steps in the given order below.

1.        Download the latest version of Spotify premium apk file which have been placed below in the download area. You have to download the file and extract it through the software. If the app was installed previously, kindly uninstall it. Re-install the new app with the latest edition.

2.        Go to the location where latest version of spotify premium apk file exists. Open it. Grant with all the mandatory permissions to let it install on your device.

3.        Next up, you will get an option to subscribe and signup. You need to make a Spotify account for that. However, you don’t need to pay money in order to get registered.

That’s pretty much it. Now, you are done and dusted. This way, you can use spotify premium apk no root services on your android devices. Search out for your favorite artists and songs and hear them out loud.

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